If you’re here, you’re probably having difficulty locating your repository (repo) for your homework or lab assignment.

First, go to github.com, and sign in. You can confirm that you’re signed in by checking that you can see your profile avatar on the top right corner of the landing page after logging in. If an assignment repo has been created for you, you should be able to see it on the landing page, on the right sidebar.

An alternative way of locating your repo is going to the course GitHub organisation and finding it in there. In this organisation I have a few repos that I use for course (e.g. the source code for the course website, slides for videos, instructions for homework and lab assignments, etc.). You’ll see that a few of these are pinned on top for easier access (for me and others visiting the course). I don’t pin student repos there since those are private to you.

If you don’t see your repo on the very top of the list of repos here, just scroll down. You can also type your github username in the search widget (where it says “Find a repository”) to search for it. Soon, you’ll have more repos that belong to you than my public repos, and this view will feel a lot more yours than mine.